ALU Cruiser Fender Set 26 inch. 80 mm (~3,15 inches), silver laquered glossy Essential Alloy fender set for 26 inch. bikes, silver coloured, with fender stays and quality screws and bolts for cruisers or similar bike types silver coloured, glossy finish width: 80 mm (~3,15 inches) height: 26 mm (~1,02 inches) Length front: 810 mm (~31,89 inches) Length rear: 1160 mm (~45,67 inches) Inside diameter: approx. 665 mm (~26,18 inches) Outside diameter: approx. 720 mm (~28,35 inches) Distance between rear frame clip and assembling point behind the botton bracket shell: 340-370 mm (~13,39 – 14,57 inches) 2 Fenderstays for front fork assembling holder 2 Fenderstays two different lentgth for rear frame holder The medium stay is for horizontal use with rear fender. The shortest stay is for vertical use with rear fender. On the chain side of the rear fender is a bent to enable the funktion of the chain Original offered for Cruiser with 26″ wheels