NEW Classic Cycle Dual Springer Vintage Bicycle Fork for 28″ x 82 mm (~3,23 inches) rims with Disc Brake mount with 1 inch steerer Abraham Linkage Monark Fork The most beautyful springer ever produced now for 80 mm (~3,15 inches) rims suits up to 28″ Tires up to 28 inch., adjustable springs black with chrome-plated springs 1 inch steerer = 25,4 mm steerer lengh: 215 mm (~8,46 inches) without thread for ahead headset Width between Fork legs: 95 mm (~3,74 inches) Axle mount width: 100 mm (~3,94 inches) Distance under lower fork crown till axle dropout: 455 mm (~17,91 inches) Weight: 3,2 kg (~7,05 pounds) with mount for Disc brake (160 mm (~6,30 inches) max. rotor) Original Classic Cycle Cruiser Springfork Model Monark