Classic Cycle LED 6V Dynamo Frontlamp, 90 mm chrome with Visor First Quality Stylish Retro Design Classic retro chrome lamp with modern LED! One strong LED stylish retro LED Lamp 10 LuxPPS Casing multipe socket with for IN and OUT – eg. rear lightwith On/Off switch under the lamp size: 90 mm (~3,54 inches) diamter, 120 mm (~4,72 inches) long (incl. Visor) The lamps meet the requirements for IPX-3 EN / IEC 60529 Light requirements acc DS 708.1 paragraph 3.1 + 3.2 + 3.3. According to section 3.2 within an angel range of + – 80 degrees. The lamps meet the requirements for use on dark road DS 7081 section 3.5 The lights are corrosion-free and water resistant : DS / EN 60068-2-52 The headlamp meets the law on road mimimumskrav for brightness, light distribution and service life.Service life: 15 hours (full brightness) LED Bulb: 1 LED 4,5V-6V 1W, with 10 lux brightness Materials: Glass polypropylen (PP) Housing polyamid (PPS)