Frame Stretch Waver The Stretch Waver frame aka Monster (170 cm) incisive at the ends with blending and harmonious arches, rides and presents itself beautifully, particularly on wide wheels and front suspension. Monster’s full length is approx. 240 cm. Dedicated suspension fork is optional. If you fancy low&stretch look then this frame is for you.   RIM 24? 26? 28? SUPPORT COUPLER US/BMX  HEAD TUBE 1.? , 120MM standard SEATPOST 28,6 mm FITS SEATPOST CLAMP 31,8mm DISC BRAKE NO COASTER BRAKE YES HEAD TUBE TO SEATPOST 93 CM  SEATPOST TO BOTTOM BRACKET SHELL 65 CM – MATERIAL plain steel, unpainted  Weight: ~ 9,8 kg It?s suitable for thousands of different configurations, letting you fully unleash your customizer creativity: it can fit basically any component on the market like: forks (cruiser, double crown, springer) rims (24?, 26? ? widths of up to 102 mm (~4 inches), front wheel also supports 28? rims) tires (24?, 26? up to 4?) handlebars (every brand on the market) hubs (coaster hub, automatic gear shift, integrated gear hub) It?s the perfect choice for those who want to be a notch above yet without sacrificing riding pleasure and comfort: when riding it you surely will not go unnoticed!