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Demon Fork TSP Custom Fork raw



Demon Fork TSP Custom Fork raw


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Demon Fork TSP Custom Fork   Exceptional Custom Fork for all rims up to 102mm (~ 4 inches) width. Innovative, italian Design connects rolling easiness with reliable stability. TSP sets new standards and shows again manual perfection. Multifunctional, nice shaped axle mounts complete this special attention getter on your custombike! Raw unlaquered for 20 till 28 inch tires up to 102 mm (~4,01 inches) rim width 1 1/8 inch shaft Length of shaft: 240 mm (~9,45 inches) – can be cutted down to 80 mm (~3,15 inches) Brake mounts for disk Length over all: 705 mm (~27,75 inches) Distance between axle mount and lower bridge 406 mm (~15,98 inches) (26 inch axlel mount), 377 mm (~14,84 inches) (24 inch axle mount). Diameter of fork tubes: 32 mm (~1,26 inches) Width between fork tubes: 144 mm (~5,67 inches) Width at axle mount: 100 mm (~3,94 inches) The forks were developed for the 100 mm (~3,94 inches) rims. Length of shaft and fork tubes are shortable. Comes with end cover plugs for the fork tubes. Made in Italy

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