Fender Set 28 inch., with Ducktails, chrome New and exclusive on the german market !!! fender set with stays and mounting hardware for cruisers or else 28 inch., chrome-plated with ducktails dimensions: 80 mm (~3,15 inches) wide and 26 mm (~1,02 inches) high Inside diameter: approx. 720 mm (~28,35 inches) Outside diameter: approx. 780 mm (~30,71 inches) measurements taken with a tailors tape measure: length of the back fender: 1200 mm (~47,24 inches) (middle oblong hole to fender end) length of the front fender: 780 mm (~30,71 inches) length of the stays: 385 mm (~ 15,16 inches) (middle axle hole to max. height) Dimension: 80 mm x 26 mm (~3,15 x 1,02 inches) On chainside of the rear fender you will find a benting to give way to the chain.