The Hard Time Frame was developed and created by Dominick Guida in 2009.The Hard Time is set up to run 26″ front and rear wheels up to 4″ wide. We prefer to run a 29er up front.1.5″ Tubing on the frame, 1 1/8″ Headtube, American Bottom Bracket.In 2009, when I built the “Hard Time” frame, I was looking to create something simple with clean flowing lines. However, I had one important requirement, the frame had to be as low to the ground as possible. The finished product was a hit with the public and more and more people became interested in purchasing the “Hard Time”. Though we made a few small production runs, we were never able to keep up with the demand.I have been building and selling Ruff Cycles products since I opened The Cruiser Shop, so I know firsthand how high the Ruff quality is. Pero and the Ruff crew have been awesome to work with, so it was an easy choice for me to have them manufacture my frame.Change to Version 2:In Version 2 the Hard Time Frame got streched around 10cm so it suits bigger people aswell.Lifetime WarrantyRuff Cycles engineers quality, durable and reliable custom bike frames. After 12 years of experience in the bicycles frame business we are very confident about our products. If you should run into any issues, which until now almost never happend, just let us know and we will find a solution in no time. Our products are made for a lifetime and we stand by them for a lifetime.