The Hornet also known as “Vespa Orientcycles” is an metal insect bicycle frame which can reach an size up to 1,4m (without wheels). Its species is best know in Europe and Northern America but also seen in other parts of the world. But never found in Nothern Japan until now – hopefully this will change. Most species are exposed to Bars, Clubs or on Outdoor Activities. The Vespa Orientcycles build it’s nests in Garages, Lofts or Cellars but also found in other cavities.It’s colony size is very limited to 111 Hornets which can be found at the the Ruff Nests or local Cycles Dealers.The Hornet Sting is used to kill prey and defend hives. Its stings are more painful to humans than typical stings because the hornet venom contains a large amount of steel (pkp, 100%). Indivudiual Hornets can sting multiple times and unlike honey bees its does not die after stinging because their stingers are lock tight to its dropouts and cannot be pulled of the frame.It’s color can depend on it’s location of it’s nest. The mainly found color is black or yellow, but some variations have been seen in red or bright orange.One main feature of the “Vespa Orientcycles” is that the stinger is detachable and can be easily mounted with two bolts. So sometime you can see hornets travel across the country with its stinger detached. This does not happen often so it’s an exceptional event that until now seldom has been seen in media.