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LED Reelight Rearlight SL 500 Flashing 2,5 Lux SL500 rear light is mounted on the seat post. The light is via a small cable connected to the generator. The generator is mounted on the rear fork and the magnets on the spokes. Key features: No Batteries flexible mounting wide-angel optics permanently mounted always light on Maintenance-free no friction Contents: 1 rear light 1 generator 2 magnets  1 mounting bracket. Weight: 200 g (~0,44 pounds) The environment can breathe easier with bike lights from Reelight.PRESS RELEASE: The magnet powered bike lights from the Danish company, Reelight, have so far spared the environment from 30 million batteries. The lights contribute to making eco-friendly cycling an easy, safe and secure alternative to the car. Millions of spared batteries + more safe cyclists on the roads = less CO2. The environmental accounts are a little bit greener with the use of Danish company Reelight – s magnet powered and battery-free bike lights, that flash all over the streets and bike lanes. Since Reelight launched the first model in 2005, hundreds of thousands of Danish and foreign cyclists have mounted these pioneering and eco-friendly lights. Reelight are the only bike lights in the world that light up using induction power instead of batteries, and this invention has spared the environment from 30 million batteries so far. Make it easy to choose the bikeThe Danes are one of the nations in the world who use their pedals the most, and this widespread cycling allows both the environment and the population to breathe easier. – It is healthy for the body and the environment to cycle. That is why it is important to develop solutions to make the bicycle an attractive alternative to the car. With Reelight, the cyclists do not need to think about putting their bike lights in their pockets, or that the batteries may run out halfway through the journey. Our lights are permanently fixed and light up in both daylight and in the dark – completely without batteries. So it doesn – t get any easier, says Kenneth Linnebjerg, CEO of Reelight. Secure, safe and freeTraffic Researchers from Aalborg University have conducted a large study in which 2,000 cyclists rode with magnetic lights from Reelight for one year. The cyclists were exposed to 32 percent fewer accidents than a comparable group with ordinary battery lights which only shone in the dark. 85 percent felt “much more” or “more” secure with Reelight on the bike. – Our mission is to improve cyclists’ safety while enhancing the sense of security and freedom that cycling should be associated with. We believe that all these elements must be present before more citizens climb out of their cars and onto their bikes – to benefit both the health of the nation and the environment, says Kenneth Linnebjerg. FACT: Three clear benefits for the environment with Reelight:1) No batteriesThe lights use induction power instead of batteries. So far, this has spared the environment from 30 million batteries. Follow the battery counter on reelight.com. 2) Durable materialsHigh quality light diodes and powerful magnets give a unique durability and therefore a long lifetime. This ensures less waste, as there are many years before the lights have to be replaced.3) Safe and secure contribution to more cyclingThere is evidence that the lights increase safety and security – crucial parameters when more people are choosing to take the bike instead of the car. FACT: Did you know… – that you with five kilometres to work can waste half a tonne less CO2 every year by choosing your bike instead of your car –

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