The Rusty Series are Custom Bikes with a unique finish of the frames. All frames are in fact really left out to rust and then the inside of the frame is conserved inside with a special treatment and clear matte coated on the outside.Since this is a natural process, we can not guarantee the shipping time. We need around 6 weeks to prepare the frame. Total shipping time should be around 7-8 weeks. For all components we use the finest Ruff Cycles parts such as the Regulator Fork or a Leather Seat. Further components are listed beneath.Please note!No modifications can be requested regarding the item list for the models of the Rusty Series. The Rusty Series comes as Bike Kit and is not assembled in any kind.Parts variance:Please note that the picture might be slighty different to what you will get delivered in Colors or in parts, see the parts list for full details!Assembly:The bike comes in parts and has to be assemble by the customer himself. If you have no expertise in assembling a bike we recommend to contact a local bike shop for the assembly before ordering.