Ruff my ASS!!! YES, they went there – intense cruising requires long stretches of excessively sitting down – we have created the ultimate furniture for the serious cruising enthusiast…The all new, all shiny Ruff Cycles FULL METAL SADDLE is here!!!IT’S HERE MAN, IT’S HERE!!!…strictly ergonomical!!!…steel-coat your rump and save yourself from lethargic enzephalitis also known as “cushion or couch” disease” – which can cause men’s genitalia to grow inwards and women to develop something called “flapjack-syndrome”…it’s science, du-uh!…The Ruff FULL METAL SADDLE is as ergonical as an Oreo cookie and as cool and pioneering like a stylophone at an Amish convention – THE NEW STANDARD!Works on all Frames using a seat post with two rail system.ATTENTION:The Ruff Ass is built from regular steel and has no rust prevention. Its oiled to prevent rust for a short time, but has no long term protection.Made in Germany.