Tire thickslick 26 x 2.0 black 26 x 2.0 50 x 559 The ThickSlick is a extrem durable tire designed for the Urban-Ride. Super compfortable, perfect grip and a really low role resistance. 2 times the puncture resistance of a standard Road tire Clincher Tire 26 x 2.0 Width: 50 mm (~1,97 inches) – allready shown on a 80 mm rim but we don’t have any feedback of it. Durastrip: Anti puncture cevlar band Presure: 4.5 – 7.6 bar with standard rims. On wide rims as low as possible. If you assemble the tire on wide rims not to put more pressure than 16 PSI. It could blast. suitable for 559 mm (~22 inches) diameter rims pure black with white thickslick printing Weight: 630 gr. (~1,39 pounds)